Our most frequently asked questions

Do you work with my insurance company?

We work with all major insurance providers. You can ask your provider for Duncan & Taylor.

Do we do private work?

Our focus is in insurance reinstatement services. We are normally unable to take on private work as we are committed to providing excellence to our core clients. If you have made a claim and we are going to be onsite, we are happy to provide you with additional services. Speak to one of our team members and we can organise a quote for you.

Why would you choose us over anyone else?

Because we are a collective of local trades people who live and work in the community. If you have a Duncan & Taylor specialist re-instating your home you can rest assured that they are local community minded people. We have a long history and an enormous amount of experience and are a well respected name in the insurance industry. We complete approximately 200 jobs every month and continually to receive excellent reviews and feedback across all areas of our work.

How does my excess work?

Depending on your policy, your 'Excess' is the amount that you have to pay in order for the claim to be processed. This will be clearly defined in your policy and is usually set by the insurance provider to offset their risk.

What happens if I have a concern regarding the  scope of work?

If you don't believe the scope set out by your appointed Loss Adjustor covers the full extent of the damage, your insurance company is the best point of contact with this. We are happy to discuss this with you however we don't have any power to overturn any decisions made by your insurance provider and loss adjustor. Be sure to read your policy carefully when making a claim.

How will you look after my house?

We take the protection of our clients homes very seriously. To minimise the disruption to your home we will always place drop sheets over furniture and belongings to protect them from works. At the end of each day we vacuum and ensure there is no debris or mess remaining from our work.

How long will it take to start my work?

We have a large dedicated team who can advise you on the schedule once we have an understanding of the works. The parameters which affect the start times of the job include; urgency, size of the job, material and supply availability and complexity of the job. Your project manager will go through this with you and advise you accordingly.

Can I ask you questions about my policy?

We are highly experienced at working with you with regards to scope and the reinstatement however the details of your policy is confidential between you and your insurance provider so these questions will have to go through your insurance provider.

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